Youth Ministry

You will find that teens have a place all over the life of Spirit & Life Church. This is a church that believes in teens. And loves our teens.

The Youth Ministry at Spirit & Life is for the youth AND their parents. The AND means that we understand parents to be the greatest influence on a teen's life. Parents are invited to participate, plan, and pass on their faith to their own teen as well as to all of the teens. The youth ministry also includes lots of other intergenerational relationships. This is one of several reasons which makes us not a typical youth ministry--but the result is our teens are a strong presence in the life of the entire church family.

One of our priorities is resourcing the parents with tips and opportunities of how to pass on their own faith to their own teen. For many varied reasons, most parents feel inadequate and/or overwhelmed to pass on their faith to their own teen. Personal faith is a broken road. We start from there and provide events that recognize the vulnerability of this as well as become memory makers for both the teen and the parent. We also provide a bi-weekly email that hopefully encourages. You may sign up for this email as a parent, even if you are not a part of the Spirit & Life family.

Email Brenda Amodea to get added to the bi-weekly email:

We also have a list of recommended resources for you to help you have faith discussions in your home. These books are not written by Spirit & Life authors but come recommended from experience.

Home Devotional Resources for Parents

2nd Hour Options

During our Second Hour the teens are invited to join one of the small groups that are offered. The small groups are designed with teens in mind and their input is greatly welcomed. This is yet another place you will find teens participating in the life of Spirit & Life Church.

AND Events

AND Events are for teens AND their parents. These are held once a month with a variety of ideas to open up communication between teens and their parent about issues of the faith. These events are found on the church calendar.

Confirmation as well as missional opportunities are also available.

Brenda Seefeldt Amodea is our Family & Youth Director. She comes to Spirit & Life with 35-years experience in youth ministry. For more information or questions, contact her at

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