Online Worship

Welcome to Online Worship at Spirit & Life!

Thank you for checking out Spirit & Life Church's online worship. If this is one of your first times worshipping with us, we wanted to give you some background information about our church to make you feel more comfortable.

What you're about to see and experience was prerecorded. Some elements were recorded months ago, before stay at home orders were in place. As a church we have sought to abide by and model safe social distancing practices during the stay at home time frame.

At Spirit & Life, we are seeking to be a multiethnic and multigenerational church. We want to be a church that reflects the diversity we see in our community and the diversity we will see in the Kingdom of God. As such we sing, we pray, and we sometimes preach in multiple languages.

Below you'll see a form to help us get to know you a bit better.  We'd love to thank you for checking us out as well as see if there are ways we can serve or pray for you. We'd appreciate it if you took a few moments to fill it out.

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