Propane Tanks for Streetlight

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Every Sunday until December 31, 2017

10:00am – 11:15am

Category: Service




Looking toward cold weather with Streetlight Community Outreach Ministries in Woodbridge, let’s “Defy… Gravity” and continue extravagant generosity. Let’s be the light of Christ to others around us, donating for at least 100 small propane tanks to heat tents for the homeless on cold winter nights. Small tanks cost around $3.50 each (and don’t last long). Refilling a large tank costs around $40. You can contribute by check to Spirit and Life, memo “Streetlight propane,” put cash for Streetlight in an offering envelope, or contribute e-giving to Streetlight propane tab. We will not collect tanks on Sundays.  

Also, for those seeking help on our street corners, how about warm winter socks for people who sleep outside? Can you keep new socks in your car and within reach at a stoplight when someone approaches your car with a “help…” sign? Food cards are also welcomed, like McDonalds or Chick-fil-A gift cards in a Christmas card with a prayer note. You can write our church information and Streetlight’s phone number, 703 491 2288 on the card. Business cards for Streetlight are at our outreach table.

We praise God and you for continuing generous contributions, approximately 25 coats and many bags of clean used clothing, plus hygiene bags in October. In all these efforts, we give because we love Jesus and he taught us how to give generously. (I Corinthians 8).

For more information email Sandra Eichorn (