Women's Faith Journey

Every Wednesday

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Category: Small Group

This group consists of women who seek to grow in a personal faith journey in fellowship with one another and God.

Our Winter study beginning January 20 is Scouting the Divine by Margaret Feinberg.
Join Margaret on a spiritual adventure that moves from reading the Bible to entering stories that can be touched, tasted, heard, seen, smelled, and savored and in the process, discover for yourself the beauty and wonder of Scripture all over again. What does it mean to know Jesus as the Good Shepherd? How can I understand the promise of a land overflowing with honey? Is it possible to grasp the urgency of Jesus' invitation to abide in the vine?

For more information contact: Louise Newbanks at llnewbanks@gmail.com or (703) 878-2909.

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