COVID-19 Response

COVID 19 Response

On Monday, March 23rd, Virginia Governor Northam announced that all Virginia public schools will remain closed through the end of the year. Additionally activities involving groups of 10+ were suspended for 30 days.

In response to the Governor's decisions, all in-person Spirit & Life activities are cancelled through the end of April.

Recognizing the Governor's decisions raise some additional questions, we wanted to provide some additional answers.

Does that mean Spirit & Life won't have in-person worship until the summer?

Potentially, but not necessarily. Church leadership continues to monitor the situation closely. If our current situation improves such that it is deemed safe for churches and other group activities to resume prior to schools reopening to outside groups, we will work with area churches to find a temporary space to meet. However, church leadership places the health and safety of our church members and others in our community as of paramount importance.

What about Easter?

The Gospel writers tell us that the first Easter involved 11 men gathered in the Upper Room (not dissimilar to our kitchens and family rooms) when women, breathless from running from the tomb to announce that Christ was Risen. This year will be more similar to that first Easter; we will gather in our own kitchens and family rooms to hear the wonderful news Christ is Risen. It will feel different, but the Gospel remains the same!

What else can I do to remain connected?

Online worship

Every Sunday and 10 AM we offer digital worship on our website (link above), our Facebook page, and our youtube channel.

Digital Devotions

Pastor Matt and Pastor Mario have put together some digital devotion videos that are released midweek that seek to address how we can move forward through this crisis as people of faith.

Padlet Prayer Wall

This is an online resource where we can share prayer requests with one another.  On the padlet prayer wall you'll notice a "plus sign" in the bottom right hand corner.  That will open a new box where you can leave your name and prayer request.

Zoom Small Groups

Many of our small groups are meeting via Zoom videoconferencing.  For more information, please sign up for our e-newsletter.

Social Distance Learning

Pastor Brenda has created some lessons on some of those tougher theological issues we may not have had time before to really learn about. 

Using videos to watch, words to read, and podcasts to listen to these lessons are designed to take hours of your time. Or not. Your choice. 
The two lessons that are available now are:
Why Does God Allow Me to Hurt?
How Can Science Be an Act of Worship?
Please feel free to share this with your family and friends who may also have these unanswered questions

Should I still be giving? What about 20 for 20?

Yes! As a church we want to maintain the salary commitments we have made to our staff in addition to our other financial obligations. Your continued generosity is vital in our achieving those aims.

We are still conducting our 20 for 20 campaign. This campaign is aimed to help increase our reserve funds to serve as a launch pad for our living into our new vision.

So is church cancelled?

NO! The church has never been a building or a weekly activity. The church has always been people. We are the church! And you cannot cancel people being the church! Now more than ever, the world needs the church to be the church. Check in on your neighbors. Help others as they have needs. Pray for people. Foster community. Love others. Bear witness to the hope we have in the God who has overcome the world.