TAG (Tweens and God) Helping Hands Mission Trip

The story of the TAG (Tweens and God) mission trip called Helping Hands as told by cute pictures and captions. The pictures are cute because we have cute TAG members.

It's cool that we get to do this.

When I said "yes" to this helping stuff, I know it's like being Jesus' hands and feet. I didn't know that it might be things I don't even really like to do [like checking shelves at the library]. But it's okay, you know?

It's okay that some jobs aren't fun. Stuff still needs to get done and someone has to do it. I'm glad we helped [at the library].

Worship is fun!

Dancing makes God happy.

Reading to old people isn't as scary as I thought. It's still kinda scary, but they like it and it makes them smile. I'm glad I did it.

It's weird how kids just fooling around makes old people happy. Can we do it again?

"Shine your light" is in the Bible, but it means show your love and show God's love. Did you know that?

It isn't really about a light at all - except when we're "the light of the world" like Jesus said. That kind of light is love.

It was hot in the garden, but fun, too. People will get to eat the stuff we picked!

Growing stuff is hard work. Mostly because of the weeds. But it's good, too.

You don't have to sit still or stand still to do God songs. I like it that way!

We're just kids, but we can do good stuff.