Shine the Light

shine the light

Our mission statement is “Helping people authentically encounter Jesus Christ through worship and small groups for lives of service.” We know we are living into that but how are we living into that? Curious minds want to know!

We are in the midst of a “Shine the Light” campaign where everyone is encouraged to share how they are doing this—and then turn on a candle. (Since we meet at public school no open flames for us!) Week after week candles are being turned on. A lot of us are living out our mission statement! The sharing of these simple stories is inspiring others to do such simple things. The light is brighter and brighter each week.

This is a collection of simple ways we have shone the light after just one week:

Bring my friend to men’s group to share the Lord’s word. – Jose

Hosted a Super Bowl party and invited friends from outside our church. – Kevin

I stayed away from others when I was in a bad mood. – Abby

I made a new friend. – Aiden

Taking the time to listen to a colleague who is going through personal challenges and praying for her. – Darci

I worked two jobs to cover for a sick co-worker. – Nicole

Give time to a local non-profit Settle the Debt and talk about it on social media – Debbie

Volunteered with Juvenile Probation – Brenda

Are you inspired? What are you doing this week to shine the light?

shine candle