CD Release Track Number Three: Hear My Prayer, (The Story)

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*Psalm 4:1 is the inspiration for “Hear My Prayer.” This is a song I wrote at a time when nothing was going my way. I’d been praying and praying and asking and asking for things to change. And I was tired of “prettying up” my prayers. This song was my respectful demand for God to hear me, to be my shield, shine His light upon me.

You’ll notice in this scripture (and many others) that the words “answer me” and “hear my prayer” are not requests. These are commands. Isn’t it interesting that the creator of everything in the heavens and in the earth is one we can literally demand something from? Our God searches our hearts and our minds and He knows our name. And He knows our pain, our joy, our desires and our fears. In the midst of this He is there to hear our prayers, whether we whisper them or scream them from the mountaintop. He is there to answer our prayers even when we are so distressed that we literally can’t speak. He searches our hearts and our minds and knows our name and our needs.

*Psalm 4:1, Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

Hear My Prayer

Answer me O Lord, Hear my prayer
O Righteous God be my shield
O Lord how majestic is Your name

I turn to You, I run to You
Let the light of Your face… shine upon me
I turn to You, I run to You
You search my heart and my mind and You know my name

Hear my prayer, hear my prayer, hear my prayer O Lord!