CD Release Track Number Ten: He Brought You To Me, (The Story)

blod- he brought

By now you probably know that our worship team at Spirit & Life is releasing a full length, 15 song, all original CD on October 14. All of the songs are written by the worship team. This is the story behind “He Brought You To Me” track number ten on the CD.

This one is a different type of song for me. I’m not really a storytelling songwriter. My songs usually come from my life’s experiences, things I question, things I’ve learned and how God is at work in all of that.

“He Brought You To Me” is a story. The song is based on a story I read a few years ago about a family that lost everything when the last factory closed in their small once-thriving Midwest industrial town. It’s a story of faith during the midst of hardship. It’s a story of questioning God but remaining steadfast in the waiting. It’s a story of people trusting in each other and recognizing God is at work in their situations. And it’s a story about how sometimes God is an eleventh hour God when we want Him to be a “now” God. But mostly it’s a story of trust, faith and answered prayers.

He Brought You To Me

The leaves have all fallen and winter is calling
The light to fade from the day

The final whistle blows
And the factories have closed
And a town waits for its ghost

His wife stands by his side, wipes a tear from her eyes and says, "God's got something better for us anyway"

This hard working man and he just can't understand
How times like this could be part of the plan

She said, "Can you trust in the One who gave you everything?
Can you trust in the one who gave it all?
She said "I trust in him 'cause he brought you to me"

They left the town behind with little wasted time
He said, "God just go before me and make a way”

As minutes turned to days and hours into weeks
She said, "we're not gonna make it this time"

He said, "Can you trust in the one who gave you everything?
"Can you trust in the One who gave it all?
He said, I trust in him 'cause he brought you to me”

They heard a knock at the door
It was a man they met days before
He said, "I've been looking for someone just like you"

"I'm old and tired son...
And my days are almost done...
I need someone just like you...
To leave the farm to...
It's not much but it's paid the bills for me

The man said, "I trust you like a son
I'll give you everything
I trust you ‘cause your name is good
He said I trust in Him 'cause he brought you to me”