CD Release Track Number Eight: God Colored Lens, (The Story)

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By now you probably know that our worship team at Spirit & Life is releasing a full length, 15 song, all original CD on October 14. All of the songs are written by the worship team. This is the story behind the title track “God Colored Lens,” track number eight on the CD.

God Colored Lens is a song I actually wrote four years ago. It was one of my favorite songs that I’ve written and I was excited to get it recorded back in 2014. So I recorded some basic tracks—acoustic guitar, piano and drums. Over the next few months I got together with several singer friends of mine that I have done other recordings with over the years. One by one I listened to them sing the song and the final track never came together like I thought it would. I had a vision for the song that just wasn’t happening. At that point I hired a professional studio singer to record the track, with the same lack of results. I then hired two more singers and no one sang the song like I heard it in my head. So I quit on it…

This past March Jess and I got together to work on some new songs and I reluctantly pulled out the music and words for God Colored Lens and asked her to give it a shot. At this point I wasn’t hopeful. I figured the song just wasn’t as good as I originally thought. Then Jess sang the first verse and I immediately knew it wasn’t the song that was the issue. It was finding the right fit, the right singer, the right voice and someone that connected with the song like I had hoped. In March we rerecorded the music and added Jess and Heidi’s vocals to it and I couldn’t be more excited at the way it turned out.

When I wrote this song four years ago I felt like I wasn’t seeing the world the way God sees it. It felt like everything was in black and white. I felt like I couldn’t see God’s big picture. And then what I already knew, became real. When I run, God runs beside me. When I push Him away, He pulls me back. When I feel unworthy of even praying, He answers the unspoken prayers of my heart. And when all of this happens I see this black and white world through a God Colored Lens.

God Colored Lens

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get it right
I wonder if this loving God, loves me tonight
It feels like an answer to the words I never prayed
When You pull me back again no matter how far I’ve strayed.

Sometimes I think that I can do it by myself
I don’t need you God, I don’t need Your help
And it feels like an answer to the words I never prayed
When You pull me back again no matter how far I’ve strayed.

When I push You pull
When I run You run beside me
And when I fall, You rise
When I cry You dry the tears in my eyes
When I’m weak Your strong
When my world is broken, You make me whole again
And when the teardrops dry…

I see my life through a God colored lens – a God colored lens

When I’m tired and weak
Your love pours over me
When hope is lost
I remember the cross
I see my life through a God colored lens