CD Release Track Number Eleven: Life, (The Story)

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By now you probably know that our worship team at Spirit & Life is releasing a full length, 15 song, all original CD on October 14. All of the songs are written by the worship team. This is the story behind “Life,” track number eleven on the CD.

By Jessica Sekhon Miller

Imagine my surprise when John, our worship leader says, “We are going to create a CD this year with all original songs, so start writing!” Huh?! I’ve never written a song before, but I’ve written other things here or there. So I stepped out of my box and gave it a try. Originally Life and Heart’s Distraction were one song. Hearts Distraction is about heartbreak and Life has a “moving on” feeling. I realized the two could be split up and Life could be more upbeat and fun.

I was actually mowing the grass when these lyrics came to me! I felt like I had just mowed the grass and here I was mowing it again. Sound familiar? I was thinking the grass just kept growing just like the world keeps spinning. It’s going to keep growing and spinning no matter what we do. I thought of all the risky situations we find ourselves in and how sometimes these are a result of our own choices. Something as simple as flooring it through a yellow light or walking under a ladder, something as complicated as loving a lie. Loving a lie can be a relationship you aren’t being real with yourself about, or even a “faking it until you make it” type of lie. We can become stuck in a situation, or we can move on. I was thinking of how many times I’ve moved on from things and how many times I’ve had to stop and breathe, and the lyrics came together.

I sent my lyrics to John and said “This one’s upbeat but I don’t know what it sounds like!” and he put the music to the words! Wow! I was so excited when I heard what he came up with!

The bridge does say “life is moving, love your life” instead of “lie” because all in all, it’s about loving your life no matter what’s happening. Choosing to keep going! Pushing through and remembering to stop and breathe!


Life is about moving on
Again and again, new starts over and over again
The world keeps spinning, the grass keeps growing
And we keep moving on again and again

Floor it through the yellow light, walk under a ladder
Punch bug no punch-backs, spend some time doin’ 85
Windows down, music loud love a lie, love a lie
Life is about stopping, and starting again
Stop to smell the roses one more time
Pause to take a breath, slow to a halt
Stop and move again

Life is moving get in line
Life is moving love your life
Love your life