CD Release Track Number One: The Way Back Home, (The Story)

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God Colored Lens CD Release

By now you probably know that our worship team at Spirit & Life is releasing a full length, 15 song, all original CD on October 14. All of the songs are written by the worship team. This is the story behind “The Way Back Home,” track number one on the CD.

Over the years I’ve written a handful of songs that ask God to intervene if I mess up. It’s kind of a common theme in my writing. “The Way Back Home” has a similar theme.

In the verses of the song I ask God to give me what I need if I lose my way, or if I feel weak, or if I fall. This lyric differs from my other “ask God” songs in that the bridge of the song is a sort of a confession that it’s not if I lose my way or if I fall, it’s when I lose my way and when I fall. The realization that all (including and especially me) have sinned and fall short of the glory of God is a necessary component of our walk with God. We’re all going to fall, fail, lose our way, feel weak, slip and otherwise mess up. It’s not if it’s when and if we allow Him, God will save us from falling deeper, slipping farther and becoming overwhelmed and He will draw us near.

The Way Back Home

If I ever lose my way, call me back to stay
If I ever waste my time, would you come and change my mind
If I ever lose my sight, would You help me make it right
If I ever slip and fall, will you help me change it all

I wanna be closer to You
Draw me to You
Help me find the way...
Back home

If I'm ever feeling weak, will You give me what I need
If I ever walk too fast, please don't let it last
If I ever think it's me, show me You're what I need
If I ever start to fear, show me You are near

It's not if it's when I fall again
It's not if it's when I lose my way
It's not if it's when I'm feeling weak
It's not if it's when I'll need You to save me
When I lose my way