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A Note on the Preaching Rotation

Matt Meisenhelter and I have felt a movement of the Spirit with respect to the preaching rotations between the two campuses. In order to communicate that movement and our thoughts, we've put them down each in our own words. MM: Because Spirit Life UMC had become such an exemplary and exceptionally fruitful new church plant, in 2015 our denominational leadership challenge...

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General Conference: What happened and what does it mean??

I wonder if Acts 15 could happen in the Age of Twitter. Christians disagreeing is not new. Christians meeting to discuss matters of disagreement is not new. It's happened pretty much from the start. The first members of the Church, the first people to be filled with the Holy Spirit were Jews. Members of God's Chosen People. But then the Holy Spirit started filling Gentil...

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Welcome to the Conversation

Why do you have a blog? At the outset that's probably a good question to ask. Why would a church website have a blog feature? Why would the pastors and leaders of that church blog? Why are we doing this? Why are we contributing precious time that could be spent doing any number of others things that need doing in the church writing frequent blog posts? (At this point I r...

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