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The Brokenheartedness that Parenting Is


The Brokenheartedness that Parenting Is...

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Last Words of Christ Devotions

During Holy Week 2020 we released a series of daily devotions on the seven last words of Christ from the cross through email. These devotions were written by different Virginia United Methodist pastors and Christian academics. If you would like to read any or all of the devotions, we have compiled them into a printable document found here....

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We Are a Multigenerational Church. What Does That Really Mean?


One of the first blogs I wrote when I arrived at Spirit Life in January 2017 was this sweet story about a boy in my youth group from my previous church. This story is now over well over 10 years old and he's now a fully grown working man for the NSA. (Link to original blog.) This story is: One Sunday one of our 8th grade boys showed up to church wearing a suit and a...

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Spirit & Life Has a New Look


Today we're rolling out an updated look for the church that we hope captures the essence of our mission and vision....

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Shine the Light

shine the light

Shine The Light...

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And God Saw that it was Good

We are going to spend the next few weeks in worship talking about creation. Talking about what it means for the earth to have been created by God, what our role is in caring for and tending to creation, and how we have failed to live up to that role. But to start I wanted to allow the question why are we talking about creation? The simple answer is because the Bible tal...

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To the Mask-Wearers


To the Mask-Wearers ...

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The Fear That I Am Unloveable

The Fear That I Am Unloveable...

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Morning Prayer of the One Who Already Feels Behind

Finding grace, love, and satisfaction in a world of not enough

Morning Prayer of the One Who Already Feels Behind...

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How We Measure Enough in God’s World (Which is Not Our World)

Jesus speaks of a world where your value isn’t based on what you can get but on what you give. A world where your value isn’t based on what you can gain for those on top of society but what you can do for those on the bottom of society. A world where value isn’t assigned based on what you do but what you do for....

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